Slow Food Youth Network


The Youth Food Movement (YFM) is an international network of young people who bring about changes in the field of food production and consumption. YFM is based on the principles of the global non-profit organisation Slow Food, which was founded in 1989 to counter the disappearance of local food traditions and people?s decreasing interest in the food they eat. Slow Food?s mission includes the promotion of good, clean and fair food for all. Young people are the world?s future leaders, entrepreneurs, farmers and consumers. In order to make youth familiar with the vision, principles and activities of Slow Food, YFM was founded in 2007.

The aims of the Youth Food Movement are to involve people in the discussion about the future of the food system. The organization targets both consumers and professionals.

Consumer targeted activities: Food Film Festival (a three day film festival combining documentaries on the global food system, workshops, debate and lectures); Eat-ins (dinner events and gatherings in public spaces to promote enjoying good, clean and fair food).

Professional targeted activities: YFM Academy (a six-month education program for chefs, food students, farmers and other future food professionals consisting of field trips and academic lectures).

YFM will propose a series of networking and learning events around rural, agrobiodiodiversity, city agriculture and bridging the gap between farmers and city-dwellers. This will include:

- A series of 5 events, organized in the city and on the countryside, bridging the gap between farmers and city-dwellers.

- Approaching the subject of agriculture practices (difference between regular and organic farming) and European agriculture (the

upcoming reforms of the Common Agricultural Policy).

- Host meetings in the city where farmers are invited to talk about their daily practices and the problems they face in trying to build

a sustainable future.

- Visits of farms and talks with farmers for young urban.

Inside the learning partnership, YFM will take on the role of Resources project coordinator, in collaboration with UNISG in order to follow up our physical, educational and community resources. At the end, they will create a good-practices guide “from the fork to the plate: the co-producers/consumers enrol!” with the learners, trainers and coordinators lessons learned through the partnership.

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Youth Food Movement

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