Slow Food Italia



Slow Food Italia develops projects, events and activities at all levels – by convivia at the community level and by Slow Food offices at the regional and global level. To achieve its objectives Slow Food Italia: coordinates and implements projects for the preservation of food biodiversity; promotes the development of eco friendly forms of agriculture; preserves and enhances the historical and cultural

identity of a specific territory; develop relationships, activities and initiatives between the food  communities, developing the Terra Madre network; helps to reduce waste; implements the direct relationship between producer and co-producer; organizes activities of food and wine tourism; produces educational activities and programs of food culture and stimulates initiatives aimed at improving the daily diet, including with regard to the forms of catering; publishes guides, essays, magazines.

SFI will offer workshops, technical training and visits for producers and general public. For producers, this will take part during “Cheese” Slow Food’s biennial event dedicated to cheese and dairy bringing together hundreds of the world’s best cheeses and their producers, experts, cheese mongers and cooks, with a focus on promoting artisan production, diversity and raw milk. The street markets, educational activities, dinning areas, in-depth conferences and more offer a tasty path to nderstanding this fascinating world.


- Workshop on animal welfare to encourage the producers to improve husbandry practices

- Technical training on ?narrative label? for dairy products to stimulate the producers at improving the traceability and transparency.

- Visit to nearby cheese producers to gain new experiences related to the production techniques.

Outside of this event, SFI will offer workshops around “Exchange of experiences and good practices” with:

- The “good, clean and fair” concept in relation to the promotion of local and traditional products;

- Methods to valorize the local agrobiodiversity and analysis of the territory;

- Relations with local producers: problems and solutions

- Communication and promotion of local products

Inside the learning partnership, SFI will take on the role of Evaluation project coordinator, in collaboration with Euro Gusto, in order to create a gradual evaluation, with feedbacks and possibilities to improve our training offers and our communication with the learners.