Institut De Formation Slow Food


The ? Slow Food Training Institute ? (IFSF) is a non profit organization, located in Toulouse (France) and created in 2011 in the respect of the philosophy and the goals of Slow Food International. The IFSF?s vocation is to educate the new generations of ?food stakeholders? who are skilled and involved in the alimentary issues. Our approach is strengthened by a network of skilful and militant people who take part in our actions. Our trainings target all the ones who want to acquire a better knowledge and comprehension of the food world, for a more healthy, environmentally friendly and flavorful nutrition.

 Slow Food stands at the crossroads of ecology and gastronomy, ethics and pleasure. It opposes the standardization of taste and culture, and the unrestrained power of the food industry multinationals and industrial agriculture. We believe that everyone has a fundamental right to the pleasure of good food and consequently the responsibility to protect the heritage of food, tradition and culture that make this pleasure possible. Our association believes in the concept of neo-gastronomy: recognition of the strong connections between plate, planet, people and culture.

Our activities aim for:

- Promoting the ?Alimentary High Quality? process among professionals to gradually improve our alimentary model

- Increasing the value of ?savoir-faire? transmission

- Helping the producers and the farmers to build a relationship with the consumers, through common networks and relations.


The IFSF works trough different axis:

- Trainings intended for the food professionals as well as the general public

- Territorial alimentary diagnosis

- Awareness activities to sensibilize the general public

12 rue Louis Courtois de Viçose

31100 Toulouse, FRANCE

Région FR62 – Midi-Pyrénées