Fundacja Agrinatura


The Foundation AgriNatura for Agricultural Biodiversity  was established in 2007, its mission is sustainable development of rural areas, in particular the protection and increase of agricultural genetic resources and biodiversity, developmment of organic and biodynamic production methods, local food processing and local products. The Foundation pursues these objectives through mobilization of local communities in action and activities aimed to multiplication and use of agrobiodiversity, promotion on organic farming, introduction of environmentally friendly and innovative technologies, ecological education and protection of rural heritage as well as health protection and promotion of healthy lifestyles among rural communities.

The last two projects concerning education in farmers schools were: ?Sustainable development of my community? and ?I Have My Opinion ? Education for democracy in agricultural schools?. The idea is to go to the young people who will decide about the future of rural areas. The Foundation is working also with elders generation of farmers, organizing events for inter-generation exchange, workshops about nature and environment protection and activating the elder rural people in sustainable development of their communities.

Within this project, the Foundation will offer a seminar in the topic of agrobiodiversity and rural farming, which will include:

- study visits in different farms in which the Foundation is working with agrobiodiversity and empowerment of rural farmers issues

- study and attend some small processing of products coming from the agrobiodiversity, the quality of their transformation and their value-creation. Give tools on how the richness of agrobiodiversity can be promoted with consumers and transformers (restaurants, cooks, health specialists).


Fundacja AgriNatura

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