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Euro Gusto is the rendez-vous for the Slow Food movement organized in France. Slow Food is all about taste (gusto) combined with ethical consumption. While we believe that ? eating is an agricultural act ? (Wendell Berry), an act with consequences that go way beyond the dinner table, under no circumstances are we giving up on the pleasure of eating.


The impetus behind Euro Gusto is the wish to share this vision of the food we eat with the widest audience possible. Euro Gusto is an opportunity to share experiences and make connections around the subject of food so naturally, conviviality is the key, another of the founding values of Slow Food.


The ingredients for this biennale event are: a market for Slow Food Presidia from France and other European countries, conferences on food and agriculture, a fun and educational space for children, practical workshops for the general public and the professionals, documentaries-debates?


Euro Gusto will have a specific role in the Grundtvig partnership, offering workshops and exchange of experiences, best practices and techniques.


For instance for the production of certain categories of food, specifically for meat and the porcine sector between European producers. The producers will have to be concerned by the organoleptic quality, the tradition and the environmental impact of their practices and food productions. Especially considering the crisis and scandals that the meat industry is facing, and the needs of local, healthy and quality meat for consumers. It will be an excellent occasion for these European producers to meet and exchange experiences about manufacturing in order to allow them to improve their techniques and their products, working with local artisan producers.




Euro Gusto

10 rue LĂ©onard de Vinci

37000 Tours, FRANCE