Salone del Gusto & Terra Madre

The 6th mobility of the project took place during “Salone del Gusto” from the 23rd to the 27th of October, in Torino (Italy). What an event!

The Slow Food Youth Movement, were extremely present during the Salone, with over the course of 5 days, 500 youth delegates from over 70 countries. They participated in workshops, lectures, meetings and tastings. Main themes were young farmers, how to create a network of young food professionals, and sustainability in the food chain. As an example, two workshops that were held during the event, one on the future of food and young farmers, one on food waste campaigning.

They share with us a few tips on how to build a strong campaign for better food, during their workshop with Tristram Stuart:

“A campaign consists of many different elements, and here are a few questions to help you with your own campaign to create more impact:

- Search for the motivations of the people you want to reach. Are they battling food waste because they care about the environment? Or do they do it because they want to save money?

- Be honest and be critical: don’t be satisfied with small steps there is a lot we can improve.

- Use your friends, your network and also social media to reach your audience!”

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