Poland study trip

A second mobility in Poland took place on 4-10 may, attended by the Italian partners and included visit of markets and slow food restaurants in Warsaw,  and study trip to the countryside which allowed to visit : the museum of polish agriculture, the biggest herbs botanic garden in Europe and Poland?s biggest organic herbs producer Dary Natury, a workshop on herbs, visit of  two agrotourist farms, one with ecotourist certificate, and a  workshop on traditional cooking the polish typical dish ?pierogi? (dumplings).

More about the visited places:

www.museumrolnictwa.pl ? the museum of agriculture in Ciechanowiec is one of the best places to visit to understand the historical backgrpund and where the polish farming comes from.  It showcases traditional wooden architecture, a great collection of farming tools and tractors, but also a herbs garden, a garden of honey giving plants, a bees hive educational installation, a museum of herbs, a museum of veterinary tools, an old water mill. A great place to investigate the cultural heritage and traditional knowledge on food production.

5 may 2015, the museum of polish agriculture in Ciechanowiec- a field with honey giving plants

www.ziolowyzakatek.pl  the biggest herbs botanic garden in Europe, a great education place and the production site of the biggest organic herbs producer in Poland- ?Dary Natury?. Spend here an hour or a week, a magical space hidden in the Podlasie region forests, linking ethical and clean production, education, passion and a very professional business approach.

Workshop in Koryciny on herbs liquors production at Dary Natury, the biggest polish producer of organic herbs

The next day we focused on small farming, agrotourism and traditional cooking:


a small forest agrotourism where we could taste typical polish cakes

-http://stajniakaliska.pl.tl/  an ecotourist certified  and education farm breeding goats, pigs, hens, ducks, geese, horses, where we learned how to make pierogi (dumplings) and  typical polish white cheese (that could fill the pierogi or make great cheese cake)