Italy 2nd workshop

At the beginning of April 2014, four partner of the Grundtvig project came to Pollenzo to join the mobility the UNISG organized.

The learners and staff from Fundacja AgriNatur, Eurogusto, IFSF and Youth Food Movement arrived on their own from Poland, France and The Netherlands on the 6th and 7th of April.

The purpose of the mobility was to show them how the UNISG study trips work and learn directly from the producers as well.

During the study trips, in fact the UNISG students get in touch with many producers and their leraning process shifts from the theoretical one to the practical one, seeing the production, asking questions to the producers, tasting and trying the products and most important sharing their experiences with completely different persons, such as farmers, butchers, cheese producers, fishermen and so on.

So, in order to give our guests a taste of our personal approach to the didactic we organized as many visits as possible during their short staying.

We began with the polish group who was the first to arrive and they visited on Monday morning the farmers cooperative ?Il Frutto Permesso?, this visit was putted in their program to get them in touch with this really interesting and coordinated group of organic farmers, the purpose was to show that cooperatives can work really well and improve the farmers condition.

In the afternoon the two groups from France joined us during the visit of the University, they had a chance to visit the classrooms, the labs, the ?Tavole Accademiche? (our unconventional canteen were the best chefs in the world come and cook for a 5? food cost), the ?Banca del Vino? and they had a chance to have a talk with some student.

On Tuesday we went all together with the guys of YFM as well to visit 4 different producers in the Langhe area: first we visited a farmer and butcher, named ?C? d?Matia?  where the learners saw the complete process of the salami production and taste several kind of cured meat.

Then for lunch we went to a small cheese producer, ?Finocchio Verde?, Mario?s farm is an interesting example of integrated and fully organic farm, where tractors have been put apart and substituted by donkeys!

In the afternoon we went to ?Casa Matilda? which is a modern example of return to the land as Fabio and Anna (the owners) left their offices life, to run the land and produce jams and juices so they could stay at home with their kids.

In the end we went to ?Poderi Einaudi? a famous and historical wine maker, the vineyards and cellars of this producer belong to the first Italian President and are consider some of the best vineyards for the Barolo and Barbera wines.

On Wednesday almost all the groups left, apart from our friends of YFM who had another day of visits: they went in an area of Piedmont that is preserved from tourism: the Alta Langa Monregalese, which is an area where the depopulation is one of the main problem.

In the morning they visited a biscuits and bread producers, named ?Primo Pan?, they produce some of the best cron biscuits of piedmont in really small village where they decided to live despite it is almost desert.

They had lunch at ?Ristorante Italia? in Ceva, a place where the Chef Paolo do not talk about fancy food or new trends, but he is definitely the best one to talk about the old and poor cuisine of the people that used to leave in that area.

In the end they went to ?Macelleria Revelli? a farm and butchery where they got in touch with some artisanal and rare products like the Bale d?Asu, typical kind of cured meat made with pork and donkey meat.

All the producers we visited where really satisfied by the curiosity that the learners showed duing these days, and we all hope that the people who participated to this Mobility went home with something good to talk about!