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for deletion review List it at deletion review on the nominator's behalf, and link it appropriately (including linking it from the closed discussion notify the nominator, and close the deletion discussion. Non-administrators should limit their closes to outcomes they have the technical ability to implement; for example, non-admins should not close a discussion as delete, because only admins can delete pages. However, discussions with minimal participation where no one opposes deletion should be closed per WP:noquorum. If the nominator appears to have genuinely changed their mind due to other views expressed, the discussion should not be considered withdrawn. In some circumstances, a page may be speedily deleted if it meets strict criteria set by consensus. If a page is not appropriate for speedy deletion, the page must be edited to remove the speedy deletion tagthis will, in turn, remove the page from Category:Candidates for speedy deletion. However, if adding comments within relist, please keep in mind that this is a Wikipedia administration template, and should not be used to give priority to one's own desired outcome. sex dating sites real escorte date Then, if there are legitimate concerns, please use Wikipedia:Main Page/Errors to have the link removed before nominating the article. In general, administrators are responsible for closing these discussions, though non-administrators in good standing may close them under specific conditions. For relisting requested moves, see Wikipedia:Requested moves Relisting. The norske sex sider femdom whipping nominator is banned, so their edits are not to be retained.

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Venner med fordeler rad for mennesker fredrikstad It can sometimes be useful to provide a brief explanatory note, to make the rationale for the decision clear this is especially true in heated and high public profile cases, or where many views will be given little weight (or a few views given substantial. Bøsse escort g danish gangbang gutter jan, escort, tromsø, nakne.
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Gratisxtreffen sterke smerter nederst i magen Note: Office actions and declarations from the, wikimedia Foundation Board or the system administrators, particularly concerning copyright, legal issues, or server load, svensk pornofilm homemade swingers may take priority over community consensus. Categories deletion is required to change the name. Non-admins should indicate their non-admin status with the nac non-admin close template, which should always be substituted.g. Subst:nac If an administrator has deleted a page (including by speedy deletion) but neglected to close the discussion, anyone may close the discussion provided that the administrator's name and deletion summary are included in the closing rationale. These include commenting yourself, rather than closing, or extending the period of discussion, noting this is done due to concerns and to allow other editors to comment.
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Sex dating sites real escorte date - Wikipedia:Deletion process

Therefore, in general, debates should not be relisted more than twice. This is because deletion discussions are not a vote ; it is important to be reasonably sure that there is little or no chance of accidentally excluding significant input or perspectives, or changing the weight of different views, if closed early. See also: Wikipedia:Dashboard/Relisted AfD debates The intent of the deletion process is to attempt to determine consensus on whether an article should be deleted. Generally, this will result in soft deletion (see below but administrators should evaluate the nominating statement as they would a prod rationale. However, in this case, the article can be restored for any reason on request. Common outcomes See also: Wikipedia:Guide to deletion  Recommendations and outcomes, Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Common outcomes, and Wikipedia:Redirects for discussion/Common outcomes A deletion discussion may end with one of a number of distinct outcomes, with certain outcomes being more common at certain deletion discussion venues.

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