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Project nr : 2013-1-FR1-GRU06-49390 1

?Our common European culture : a good, clean and fair food?

The project ? Our common European culture: a good, clean and fair food ? was created with the intention to exchange and learn about food among European organizations that raise awareness and develop activities towards a better food system and consumption. This project main goal is to give the opportunity to learners and staff from these organizations to travel in Europe and be trained to different topics and skills concerning our food system. This training can have different approaches (formal, informal, practical, theoretical) and we want to explore which approaches work the best. How can we teach what “good, clean and fair food” is. How can we change dietary habits? How can we change the way farmers produce? The way consumers eat and value food?

To help answer this questions, there are  6 structures participating to this project, coming from 4 countries (Italy, France, Poland, Netherlands).

1.       Institut de formation Slow Food (France)

2.       Euro Gusto (France)

3.       UNISG (Italy)

4.       Slow Food Italia (Italy)

5.       AgriNatura Foundation (Poland)

6.       Youth Food Movement (Netherlands)

Every structure organizes a training program (that can last from 1 day to 5) and then the learners and staff from the other countries are invited to join the training. In the end, we are looking for the best training practices (formal and informal) to transmit skills/knowledge/savoir-faire for a good, clean and fair food.

This project was financed and supported by the European Union, thanks to the Grundtvig Learning Partnership.

It started on August the 1st 2013 and will end in July the 31st 2015.